MgA. Mgr. Ing. Dan Dlouhý, Ph.D.,
”From the Canyons to the Stars.”
Olivier Messiaen

  • born on February 26, 1965 in Brno
  • composer, solo percussion player and creator of percussion instruments, under the artistic pseudonym DAMA DAMA
  • founding member and artistic and stage director of the DAMA DAMA Central European Percussion Ensemble and the duo CONVERGENCE; founding member of Art Inkognito (1985 - 90)
  • a graduate of Brno Technical University, in the field of nuclear equipment (1983 - 88)
  • a graduate of JAMU in Brno, where he studied percussion (1988 - 92); and composition with A. S. Piňos (1993 - 99)
  • his extensive collection of some 900 percussion instruments forms the basis of the DAMA DAMA and CONVERGENCE instrumentarium; co-founder of DAMA PERCUSSION, a firm manufacturing percussion instruments
  • the composer of more than 40 chamber, orchestral and electroacoustic works (often for percussion, string or wind instruments specially created by him)
  • his compositions have been performed by the ensemble DAMA DAMA, the CONVERGENCE duo and the composer himself, as well as by other artists, at festivals in the Czech Republic and a number of other European countries, and have often been heard on radio and television, and have been recorded on 9 CDs.
  • performances by his ensembles combine contemporary classical music with multi-media presentations
  • as of 2000 he has made more than 900 concert appearances as well as recordings for both Czech and foreign radio and television companies, as a soloist and a member of various chamber groups and orchestras. He has released 9 CDs profiling the work of DAMA DAMA and CONVERGENCE, and also took part in the recording of a sixth compact disc. He has worked as a musician and composer in creating soundtrack music for television and theater, and contributed both musically and as an actor (a small role) to a Czech film based on Franz Kafka's novel "America".
  • has twice received a prize from the Czech Music Fund, and also holds a prize from the Czech Music Board
  • winner of the Generation 1995 national composers' competition
  • won, together with DAMA DAMA, the European Percussion Ensembles Competition in Enschede (the Netherlands) in November 1991  
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